When you need innovative IT solutions,
tailored to your business needs, we are
the right partner with the right expertise.

Our team:

  • Analyses your requirements – irrespective of manufacturer
  • Develops technology concepts and tailored solutions for architectures
  • Provides support from a single source
  • Accompanies you from the idea, through the bid, to the finished project and operation

Successful in various sectors, such as:

  • Banking and insurance
  • Industry and commerce
  • Public administration

We focus on:

  • System management
  • Virtualisation
  • Migration projects

Expert in complex projects:

Every year our project teams handle hundreds of thousands of PCs, thin clients, servers and peripherals. Computacenter has a reliable network of partners, the logistical expertise and the right workforce for the execution of major projects and for the rollout of equipment in these quantities. We are your partners for:

  • Major and complex hardware rollouts
  • Projects with high security requirements (banking, insurance)
  • Service transition and transformation of services or providers
  • Project management with certified project managers