Our Computacenter team handles all questions relating to the technical operation of your IT infrastructure and the functionality of your electronic workstations.


We analyse your needs, investigate the finance options and purchase your hardware for you.


We install your PCs, notebooks, printers and telephones, connect them to your network and test everything for functionality and connectivity.


We procure and install all the necessary peripheral devices for you, such as: scanners, printers, headsets or IP hardphones.


We manage your operation according to Service Level Agreements (SLAs), correct faults, replace faulty equipment and help out in the event of staff shortages.


We prepare devices in our Staging Centre so that we can immediately integrate them into the network on your premises without any further effort.


Our customer care agents monitor your systems. The alarm is immediately sounded for even the smallest malfunctions and faults.


When you have new needs and requirements in terms of the configuration of your IT workstations, we implement the changes according to your instructions.


Whether you need storage, spares procurement, warranty processing, correct disposal or reconditioning for resale, we can do it.


We handle your workstations and adapt your IT infrastructure in the move to another building, to other departments or in the event of reorganisation.