We develop IT for people – Computacenter helps companies improve workplace productivity with the right devices, platforms and applications and a smooth support service.

Workplace Management

Developing workplaces into digital workplaces is fundamental. Not only to meet the increasing needs of users, but also to implement the transformation across the entire business. At Computacenter, we have decades of experience in how companies work and how to enable them to respond to change with technologies that are more efficient, productive and agile. This knowledge is worth its weight in gold when designing a digital workplace, a process that requires numerous technologies and services to work together. With our comprehensive know-how and extensive relationships with manufacturers, we help companies achieve the best results with the best solutions.


The cloud-based workspace workany® works anywhere with every device and browser and a personal login. Whether it's a PC, tablet or mobile phone – and also offline. This offers a significant advantage over conventional solutions in a private cloud. The software and data are stored securely in our data centres and can be processed in the cloud. You only pay for what you need: the costs are transparent and, depending on the required scope, up to 40 percent lower than with traditional solutions.

Our approach is based on the following cornerstones:

Platform: From physical and virtual desktops to network connectivity, enterprise mobility platforms and cloud applications, we install and optimise the technologies required to help digitise workplaces.

Collaboration: We enable users to collaborate more effectively with colleagues, partners and customers – by implementing on-premise, cloud and hybrid collaboration solutions that work with different devices and platforms.

Information: We guarantee access and security of information across various devices and solutions for users to tap into conventional and digital sources of knowledge.

Engagement: From hardware replacement to the provision of new software and support services, we change the way users access IT resources in the workplace.